Our Mission


Our Mission
We believe that that best way to create stronger communities for Uganda in the future is to help children become leaders. We are committed to helping the children and young adults in the project achieve their dreams by providing education, shelter, food, medical care and housing, and will support each of them with vocational training, university or the development of a business, to sustain themselves and be leaders in their communities. In return, the children in the project make a commitment to working hard, learning about the world and becoming people who will help make Uganda a better place.

Our Vision
Creating a stronger Uganda by supporting orphaned and vulnerable children and youth to become self-supporting, skilled, globally aware adults who contribute to creating more sustainable communities.

Our Commitments to the Children
We will seek to provide opportunities for the participants in Nikibasika to have exposure to different environments, training experiences and workplaces. We will also provide support for fees and living expenses while participants are training or studying on programs we have approved.

Commitments from the Children
In return for the support provided by the program, the children/young adults need to make commitments and contributions of their own. The support from the program is dependent on the participants’ contributions.

Contributions required from the children include:

• Working and studying to get the best results in school possible;
• Maintaining good relationships with people in schools and the community;
* Participating in a community development team doing projects to support people who need help in the community;
• Getting along with all members of the project, keeping the project clean, and helping improve conditions;
• Having an open mind, cheerful disposition and working hard on opportunities provided to them, such as work experience, volunteering and learning and development in different workplaces;
• Doing everything possible to earn money and make a contribution to their own upkeep and living expenses while studying;
• Recognizing that all of the money that is contributed to the project comes from the generous heart of an individual person, and honouring that by managing their money well, saving where possible and being transparent about what they are spending money on, and providing an itemized accounting and receipts for expenses;
• Recognizing that in Uganda, work experience is a precious commodity and should not be wasted – if you are given an opportunity, we expect you to make the most of it.