Elinah Manni Kobusingye

Elinah - Dec 2013
Elinah and Blair discussing plans for her new jewelry business.

I am Elinah, age 26 born in a family of 13 kids with 5 mothers. Two mothers dead, two going their separate ways and one staying at home to care for us.

I am the first girl to graduate in our family of five girls.

After Senior 4 I sat for 3 years because dad had no money to take me any further. First year I sat home, the two years after I worked hoping to raise money to go back to school. I did not make enough because I always spent it on medication because I was always sickly.

In 2006 I quit my job, went to look for another job hoping for better pay. I wanted enough to spend on medication and save for school.

I went to Nikibasika to ask for a job and met Uncle Edward who said these words to me “You look very young, why don’t you go to school instead of working? Don’t you want to study?” I said I wanted to study but I needed money. I narrated the story to him.

There and then he gave me good news that I didn’t expect. He said I am taking you to school, but it has to be in Kasese.

Studying in Kasese was not a problem. What mattered to me was going to school.

I was happy in school, but there were challenges raising scholastic materials and walking a long distance. However, that was not my biggest challenge, my biggest challenge was sickness. I suffered a lot, which affected my studies and I missed a lot of school to the extent that even when I was doing my exams at senior six I was very sick, but struggled and made it through.

After Senior Six I sat for almost two years and had lost hope of going to school again. I moved to Kampala to look for a job and stayed with my cousin and I hoped to work and save for my studies, which didn’t work because most of my earnings went to transport, meals and medication.

Then there came a surprise, I received a call from Uncle Freeman telling me that some people wanted to meet me. That is when I met Cat, Carissa and Uncle Blair.

They were so good to me, they loved and cared for me and for the first time I accepted my status and started on medication so I got to finish my degree.

Today I am very healthy. I get fevers sometimes, but compared to before it is much better.

Today I have completed a bachelor’s degree in public administration. For the first time I went through school without missing class a lot due to sickness. The best accommodation is getting medical attention in time, having a balanced diet and having school fees paid in time so I was never denied exams due to fees defaulting.

Today, I have education, experience, a comfortable life, and I am healthy. All this I owe to the Canadians.

Canadians you rock. You are the best thing that ever happened in my life.

I don’t know how to repay you and of course can’t afford to. What you gave is way bigger than the world it’s self.

I love and cherish the Canadians. Such a rare spirit to find. From the bottom of my heart I am so grateful for what you have done and are still doing for us.

I have a lot of dreams. My first is to use the Salary from my jewelry business. With this I will start another business selling bras, nickers, boxers, socks, night dresses, pyjamas and other items like these. This business will start up another dream business, which is a school of talent. With this income I will be able to support charitable organizations and the adopting of kids.

If I am to write about my life then I may take two days because there is a lot challenges I have gone through that I have not written, but I am glad that way.

Today I only look at the present and the future. Thanks to you for your efforts, commitment and sacrifices to make a better Elinah.

May the loving God bless your families, friends, children, work, and decisions you make in life.

I want to be like you one day as long as I live.

Be blessed abundantly, with much love,