Blair Cox (Canada)

Blair Cox is the co-founder and President of SOLO BACE Salon, one of Toronto’s largest and most successful salons since its opening in 1993. In addition to his more than 15 years of experience running all aspects of SOLO BACE and growing its presence in the Bloor-Yorkville corridor, Blair has an extensive background in enterprise management, having previously been Manager at Oakham House, which offers a variety of cultural programs, speakers and arts programming to the Ryerson University community. Blair, and through him SOLO BACE, has been an active supporter of and volunteer for a broad cross section of charities including Toronto People With AIDS Foundation, The Teresa Group, Pediatric AIDS Chicago and The Stephen Lewis Foundation among others.

Blair’s participation in the 2008 TriAdventure was his first personal introduction to Nikibasika (then known as the Kasese Orphan Project). The children’s joy, potential and hope for a brighter future for themselves and their community serve to inspire Blair and have fuelled his passion to help bring about that change through mentorship, efficient fundraising and direct assistance.