Lisa Hipgrave (Canada)


Lisa connected with Nikibasika in 2008, when she first participated in the Triadventure as an athlete. Although she’d done many athletic events before, this community was unique, with a sense of spirit and camaraderie inspired by the direct connection to the children and youth at Nikibasika. Her connection to the event became stronger every year.

Lisa took on the role of Co-Chair for the 2012 Triadventure, and visited the project in Uganda for the first time in 2011. As she got to know the community at Nikibasika as individuals, she was deeply moved by the way that young people who each had a very difficult family story were so filled with warmth, love and resilience. She became committed to helping create the best program to help each of them reach the best of their potential.

Lisa initiated the partnership between Nikibasika and the Kibo Foundation in 2012, and has been thrilled that the Kibo program that the young adults experience after finishing secondary school has become so important to their development.

Lisa was Co-Chair (with Blair Cox) of the Triadventure in 2012 and 2013, which were the most successful years for fundraising to date. She is a member of the Canadian Nikibasika board, and is honoured to be part of both communities.

She is a full time real estate agent in Toronto, one half of a dynamic team, with the most successful Remax Brokerage in North America. Lisa’s strongly developed sense of community influences her life every day, and is evident in her business and neighbourhoods she works within.