Ainembabazi Angellah

Angela Brown

Hi Everyone,

My name is Ainembabazi Angellah. I am 17 years old and on 5/2/2014 I will be getting 18 years and I am in Plus Two high school in S3.

To me Nikibasika is a home to be proud of cause it is a home that has made me prosper in everything that I do. It has picked me from grass to grace and it has made my life to be possible Nikibasika has lifted us up.

My favourite story is when I came here I felt so good and everything was so great on my side and everything was so great in how my life changed. Nikibasika has been so great, we love you all. Thanks for the love and care that you have given us.

My dream is to study and achieve all my goals. After Achieving goals I wish to also help the needy and giving back to the community as you have done.

My best friends are all the children in Nikibasika not for getting all the people who have given their had to us and God who has kept our lives cause they are so good to me.

To describe myself I am brown, tall, slender and beautiful. I like home activities in that I am hard working. My favourite colour is purple and green. And to the Canadians I say that we shall not let you down we shall achieve everything so that we need and that you require us to do.