Amanya Nicholas

NicholasI’m Amanya Nicholas, seventeen years old and I go to Plus Two High School in Secondary four. I really feel very happy and comfortable because to me Nikibasika means a home with special loving parents who have the heart of serving, caring and loving children of any kind, especially orphans. And I know when you are in Nikibasika you are sure of succeeding in life because everything is possible is as it’s name states.

Sincerely speaking when I really listen and hear from my beloved parents the Canadians and when I see and watch you participating in everything that you do, exactly that day becomes my red letter day. Here I say that may the Lord bless you so much wherever you are.

My favourite story during a serious term when suddenly a strike happened whereby I narrowly survived. I was just there when the school called upon the police immediately and when the police arrived they immediately shooting the bullets to scare away the students and unfortunately the policemen shot the bullet and passed over my head. I thought I had gone from my normal senses and to make things worse we did not take lunch that day. And after that strong bullet I immediately I went to sleep and woke up to find everything had been settled and I started jazzing my friends about what had happened to me.

My dream in future is to be a social worker in any society and giving back to the community because it’s also my appeal to do that. I really want to be social to my society, generous, polite, kind and helpful to the helpless after I have attained a higher institution.

Finally I really have the best friends and that’s my beloved Canadian parents, my leaders and classmates and many friends in my kind.

Lastly I’m black skinned, Ugandan by nationality and seventeen years of age and the second last born. And the best is that I’m different from others where by I really appreciate everything that I get even if big if big or small I get satisfied with what I receive from that person. I’m generous and kind to my leaders and am God fearing and helpful.