Atusiimire Britah

My name is Atusimiire Britah. I am 16 years old, I go to Valley College and have just completed my S4. I am waiting for my results to join another level of learning.

Nikibasika to me means a possible livelihood. It has helped me get closer to my dreams. I can now look forward to achieving my goals. Nikibasika has taught me how to believe in myself, how to help other people and how to use the little I have to appreciate your great efforts.

My favourite story about myself is when I was contesting to become the entertainment prefect. I was told to sample the students in front of everyone. I was helped by my friends and danced for them. Later on, when voting was done, I was under a lot of pressure but I won my opponent and became the entertainment prefect! I then realized that it’s possible. I was so excited.

My dreams are to become a lawyer once I’m done with school. I would also love to start up a children’s home and help those who are helpless. I also want Nikibasika to shine all over the world and to help my family back at home.

In life, what I most want is to have a  bright future and make sure I focus so that I attain my desired goals. I don’t want to become a failure, but rather succeed in all I do. I want to do whatever it takes to do my best so that my sponsors and guardians happy with how I do in school and in the outside in the world.

My best friends are Prossy and Dorcus because they always stand for me in times of sorrow. I also love helping them where they are in trouble. I also like them because they are trustworthy and kind.

What describes me is that I have big legs and laugh a lot.

What makes me unique is that I mind so much about the world around me. I also worry so much about my friends’ happiness. I also love being quiet.

Thanks a lot Canadians for giving us a hand. I owe you my happiness.

May God richly bless you.

Lots of love,