Baptiste Athenas


I am Baptiste Athenas and am 20 years old.

Nikibasika means a lot to me, in fact it’s more of a home and a parent to me because I’ve been under the Nikibasika umbrella since I was 8 years old. Nikibasika is helping me build my career and become so successful in life.

I’m so open and very interested in being interested all the time! I don’t give chance to being idle since it’s the devil’s workshop.

My hobbies are swimming, making new friends, playing music, soccer and books are a must!!!

My dream is to become successful in my career and become a public worker and help out the needy on whatever problems they have if I can. I try and give back to the community and help out other people.

All I want in life is to be successful and others can work out themselves consecutively.

My best friend is Abdu.

I Am so social, free to new ideologies and ready to make changes when there’s need.

Thank you