Bwambale Harnnington

HarningtonName: Bwambale Harnnington
Age: 19 years
School: Plus Two High School

Nikibasika is an organization that has really shown me the right way as far as education, shelter, clothes and food are concerned through the help of Canadians like Aunt Cate, Lisa, Rachel and Uncle Blair to mention a few. That is what Nikibasika means to me.

My favourite story is when I came to know about the Canadians through receiving the help from them since I never had any help before.

My dreams are to become  rich and support other helpless people country-wide by forming organizations like Nikibasika.

I most want wealth in life and participating in teamwork.

My best friend is the Canadian family since they are providing me with all the basic needs and the word friend means someone who can help you when you are in need.

I am a quiet boy who talks when is asked to do so.