Dan Enoch



I am Dan Enoch, thirteen yrs old, I am in Primary seven level. I finished my primary leaving examinations and am soon joining Secondary.

Nikibasika means the story of my life. This is where by I was an orphan and had nothing to wear, and my parents were dead. I heard a project called Nikibasika that was helping orphans that never had parents. And that’s when I was brought to Nikibasika Project. My favourite story about me is when I had not yet been brought to Nikibasika. I used to help my parents when they were still alive by washing the plates, cleaning the compound and and fetching water for washing and cooking.

Another thing, I used to share things with my brothers and sisters and other children. I like helping the younger kids that need help like teaching them show to eat and teaching them how to speak etc.

What I would like Canadians to know is the time I was brought to Nikibasika I had a talent of dancing, sining and playing soccer.

My y dreams are to become an engineer in my life so that I can be an important person in the future and can be famous. In my life I want to to be a very big person so I can be respected. My best friend in my life are the Canadians.


Dan Enoch