Ingabire Phionah


My name is Ingabire Phionah. I turned 18 yrs old on October 28th.

Nikibasika has been a home I had lost back in the days. It has given me hope for the future. I now have much belief that it is possible for me to be happy after many years of suffering at the hands of a scary world where there was nothing like hope for me, no one to hold onto. But, I am happy today to say that Nikibasika has changed all that and now I look forward to better things in life.

I want the Canadians to know that I feel so lucky to be here. I mean there are so many people out there without help and I feel they are what I used to be. So that really makes me very privileged.

My dreams in life are to be able to help my younger siblings I am left with to take care of in Uganda.

I pray to God to help keep me safe so I can help the needy like the street kids who don’t have hope to live. I would like to see them happy and smile at me.

I want to be a business lady who is known for my generosity as a sign of giving back to the community just like what Canadians do for me.

I feel that I owe the world so much love and support. I can’t wait to do that!

What is different about me is that I think a lot.