Kagame Ivan

KagameMy name is Kagame Ivan, I am 15 years and getting 16 years on December 16th. I am now in form three at Plus Two High School.

I thank you for everything. You enabled this Nikibasika to be there and it has meant all my life. If it want’f for your help I would be suffering or no where to be seen in this world. You and Nikibasika have helped me to read and write, be able to areas and think great.

I want you to know that before I cam ego this project in 2004, I was not able to read and write, I never had anything to eat or dress. You have brought an ebullient life to me. Really thank you very much.

I want to be able to finish all my school classed and be educated in my life. I don’t get happy if I don’t finish school. And I will also feel unsuccessful if I don’t fin school. I want to be able to be a businessman so that I can help the needy who are like me. I also want to be able to visit, peck and hug you all. In God’s grace I hope all that will happen.

My favourite colour is red. I support soccer and support Manchester city. Is there anyone who supports that team too? I also love sports. I enjoy music so much and I am even the drummer at Nikibasika. I also want to act in movies in my life after school. And I know that all will happen by God’s and your grace. Amen. All to say is that I love you all and have hopes to hug you all.


Kagame Ivan