Kamahoro Mary

Mary 2My name is Kamahoro Mary. I am 17 years old. I am in senior 5 in Valley College school.

Nikibasika means a lot to me because it has given me a reason to live. Nikibasika has groomed me into a responsible woman.

I have learned very many things in the program including getting life skills and how to deal with different aspects in life. It has meant a home of peace and harmony. Social and cooperative people have taught me how to unite and combine efforts.

Nikibasika has taught me how to be an intelligent educated citizen who should learn how to give back to the community and to enhance and ensure proper enforcement of citizen’s rights.

My favourite story is kind of touching and inspiring because it has kept me going since I was 5 years old when I last saw my parents and I was only left with my two sisters and could not think of even going to school. As the rising star in the sky brought sunshine into my life which was Nikibasika that has given me a reason to have a bright future ahead. I have always thought that I can learn from my mistakes and this has supported my strength and courage to keep going and I think I will one day beome successful.

I have dreams of becoming a lawyer and bringing justice to the poor who are commonly humiliated in court because they are born poor.

I need an education, life skills and a kind heart to help those in need.

My best friend is Elizabeth because she understands me and she is my soulmate because we share some things in common.

I am a person who believes in resolving issues and there is always a solution to every problem. Finally I believe in learning from my mistakes to do better in order to achieve in life.

I always believe in being kind to others as in especially saying thank you and saying sorry when I am wrong.

What makes me different is that I always pick myself up and take what is right and leave what is wrong.

I greatly thank the friends in Canada and always know that I have you at heart all the time. I will face difficult ways, work hard and do my best in life.

My God bless you so much.