Kamukama Derick


My name is Kamukama Derick, aged 17 years of age and I am at Plus Two High School in Bushenyi.

First and foremost I will first define that Nikibasika means “it is possible”, where by it’s possible for me to reach my destination and it can be possible for me to attain my career and it can be possible for me to reach my goals. For sure Nikibasika means a lot to me.

I like socializing with people and when I’m at school. I also like drawing although at times I like reading novels. When I’m at home at Nikibasika, I like listening to music. I love music so much.

My dreams, if all goes well, I want to be a businessman because in life I love business very much. Dealing in international business would be preferable to me.

In life I want to be adventurous because I love knowing more about the world and am also interested in knowing more about the world.

In life I also want to visit places like Canada and the USA because it gives me pleasure to meet people whom I feel I must meet.

At Nikibasika my best friend is Innocent because he had always been there for me.

I like respecting people and giving advice to people who need it.