Kansiime Jethro


I am Kansiime Jethro, 18 years old and I go to Valley College. I am through with my ordinary level, that is Senior 4 class and waiting for results in February.

Nkibasika means it is possible for me to achieve my goals and fulfill my dreams through the Canadian’s support and the love they have for the Nikibasika family. In addition, Nikibasika is my home because I have gotten everything I need in life here.

My favourite story happened when I was in the village last year during the holidays. It was during the celebrations of the New Year, when it reached midnight. Me and my friends gathered dry tree branches with leaves and dry firewood from th afforests during the day and waited until it reached midnight and we made loud noise. After the while we decided to keep the fire burning until morning, so I had a sleepless night that day. When it reached morning hours I went home and slept the whole day and missed lunch.

Engineering has been my dream and I look forward to doing sciences in advanced level and for me to achieve this I must work hard so as to fulfill my dream and my passion.

What I want in life is to have a successful future through fulfilling my dream and achieving my goal.

In addition I would like to give back to the community because what you are doing for the Nikibasika family makes me say you are my role models and I would like to do the same in future and this is all through your support and love, which I really appreciate. I would love to meet all of the TriAdventure members face to face.

My Best friend is the TriAdventure group. You have been my best friend indeed and not forgetting the Nikibasika family. It has made me who I am because of your support and you have helped me in all situations and many circumstances as a good friend does so that is why I say the TriAdventure group is my great best friend.

The special thing about me that is different from others is that I play more sports games than others. I play around 8 games and they include basketball, volleyball, soccer, handball, rugby, cricket athletics and I like hockey but I lack facilities to use. But mostly I enjoy soccer, volleyball and basketball though I lack a basketball court but I still try to play from home.