Karanga Andrew

andrew2Hi Tri-Adventure!!

I am Karanga Andrew. 17 years old at Plus Two High School.

Nikibasika has meant a big thing to me in that it has provided all the basic needs to me and helped me find a way to achieve my career goals. Nikibasika has made it possible for me to keep in school and now I have started thinking if ways to give back to the community (I mean to the waiting needy people).

One time I was seated under the shade at school thinking of how one time in future I will be looking like I put myself in the shoes of a journalist.  I immediately stood up and tried to intentionally interview my fellow friends who had come to talk to me. They asked me whether I was daydreaming or had I gone crazy.  I didn’t provoke them, neither did they annoy me. I told them I had become a journalist and that they were to start looking for what to be because I am already doing my part. After some time we moved away from the tree because we were going for a lesson.

My career dream is being a lawyer and doing some architecture because my art is good. I always dream of one day giving back to the community.

In life it’s and icon for me to be with an education, most especially the young like me.

My best friend is my parent, the Tri-adventure and those who give more support to me during my course of life and education.

Something that describes me is my height, I am tall and loved by everyone because of my heart. I also like music as my hobby.

I am different from the rest because I love who loves me, and what I can I do. Everything different about me is how I handle my life.