Karungi Dorcus

DorcusI am Karungi Dorcus and I am 17 years old, born on 23/3/1995 and I study from Plus Two High School. It’s a boarding school in Bushenyi.

Nikibasika has been the best place that I have seen in my life. It has provided me with everything that I need in the world. It has picked me from grass to grace. I can really testify about that and I thank everybody in this world who has been capable to help, like the TriAdventure group.

My favourite story is how God made a miracle for me and I believe that he is my personal saviour. For example, when I was still young I was affected by many deceases that many people would not believe I that I had. My relatives would not believe that I would be living right now. Thanks be to the Lord that he provided me with the Nikibasika family that helped me survive.

My dreams are to study and achieve my goals. I want to become an accountant because that’s what I feel like doing in my life, and in life, I just want to be a servant to God and help the needy — the way the TriAdventure group has helped me.

My best friend is Britah because she is of my character and I also love the TriAdventure Group.

Anything that describes me is that I am a girl and I live in Nikibasika family meaning that is possible and I love worshipping and praising God and I also like making friends.

I have something that is different from others is that I am proud of myself and everything that I do.