Manoti Rebecca

RebeccaManoti Rebecca
19 years
Plus Two High School

Nikibasika is more of a home to me cause it has created a shelter of my life as I am provided with everything especially education.

The most interesting story about me is that I always change with the conditions around me. Whenever I am in Nikibasika, I act like Nikibasika kids do. And when I go back home, to elderly, kids plus their parents love me as they use me as an element of teaching their kids how to behave all because they treasure my ways of socializing with people.

Due to my character, mother has always developed a strong love for me cause she feels so proud of me. All I can say is that mother is proud and thankful to the Canadians.

My dream is also catering for more than 20 kids like I am catered for by the Canadians. And also discovering adventurous areas is one of my dreams.

My wish in life is prospering and also owning a mother title cause I love kids.

My best friend is Brendah M. because we are character sharers, something that makes me different from others is that I always support and comfort myself in times of hardships and I never let a difficulty get the best of me.