Masika Brendah

Brenda Masika

My name is Masika Brendah
I made 19 years 13th sept 2013
I school from Plus Two High School

Nikibasika has meant a lot to my life cause it has given me a reason to live. I have my hopes high for better things. Nikibasika has nurtured and groomed me up into a bright girl and has taught me to give back to the community, which is a good idea.

I would like the Canadians to know that I am so grateful and lucky to be in Nikibasika and I have got to know that if you believe in yourself you can make it. It’s nice know that friends like you have me at heart.

I have dreams of becoming an engineer in future and more to that to get a job and earn a living that I can also give to the needy, elderly poor as a sign of giving back to the community.

Life skills, education, and having a kind heart are important to me.

My best friend is Manoti Rebecca. The reason who I like her is because we have grown up together. We are in the same class and we share characters in common.