Mutesi Joyce


I am Mutesi Joyce and I made 18 years in 3rd-12-2013.

Nikibasika means another world, home to be myself. It has nurtured me from grass to grace. It has given me hope and showed me the way for success.

I would love the Canadians to know that I thank them everyday, morning, afternoon and in the evening. The want everyone who live and cares about me to know that everything is possible as long as you believe, are patient and put trust in God.

My dream is to become a businesswoman and hope that my dream will come true. I want my life to be different than before, in other words I want to be successful and happy in my life.

My friend is Phionah. The reason why I love Phionah is she plays with me.

What makes me different from other people is that I know how to dance and sing.