Mutoni Annitah



My name is Mutoni Annitah. I am 14 years old in Plus Two High School.

To me Nikibasika means it is possible. Nikibasika has meant a lot to my life because it has given me a reason to live. I have my hopes high for better things.

Nikibasika has nutured and groomed me into a happy girl and because of Nikibasika I am what I am and I have learnt a lot being in Nikibasika like helping the sick and sacrificing the little I have to the community.

My favourite story is that Canadians are good people in that they have given me the reason to still live in the world they have made me feel like other people’s children and they are the people who have nurtured me from childhood up to where I am right now. How nice they are.

My dream is to become a businesswoman and get money so that I too can help the needy then create my project and go outside countries then develop my project and continue giving some money to Nikibasika children who will still be there.

My best friend is Robinah because she loves me the way I am.

I am that girl who fears talking in public. I love my smile and I am social to everyone and I love drawing and that differentiates me from others.