Natakunda Elizabeth


My name is Natakunda Elizabeth and I am 19 years old. I go to Plus Two High School and I live in Nikibasilka home.

Nikibasika means another world and a big home to me because it has nurtured me from grass to grace and I now see the light at least.  It has given me courage and hope to plan for my future. It has showed me the way for success and future because I am assured of a good life in this world.
I would want the Canadians to know that I thank them in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Another thing I would like the Canadians to know that I always believe in that everything is possible and to be successful is to be patient and put trust in God.

My dream is to become a businesswoman because it is so interesting and enjoyable and I hope and wish that my dream comes true because I have people holding my hands and I know backwards never, forwards ever.  In my life I would want live a long life and a successful one.

My best friend in Nikibasika is Kamahoro Mary because we share some things in common. Anything at describes me only is that I love dancing and I am God fearing girl.

Finally, it’s nice to have friends like you and to have open hearts.

Thank you very much.