Nsiima Desire

DesireMy name is Desire and I am 16 years old. Nikibasika really means a lot to me because it has made my life full of joy and hope.

My favourite story is all about when I was made to be my school’s chairperson and again the class councillor, which made me so proud and made me see a good future in me and makes me feel so great.

My dreams are to be a lawyer or a journalist but eventually I have decided to take law.

What I want in life is to grow up and be like you people because you have been good parents. I want to help other people the way you are helping me.

To tell you of my best friends, actually you are my best friends in that no one will ever be better than you.

One thing that describes me is that I always believe in myself and have hope that one day I shall also be like well-off people.