Nsiimenta Brendah

Brendah N

I am Nsiimenta Brenda. I am 18 years old and go to Plus Two High School

Nikibasika actually means a lot to me because if it wasn’t for this program I don’t think I would be what I am now. So long live TriAdventure, long live Nikibasika for even giving me hopes to become a great person in life. I love you lots. ALL THE BEST FOR YOU.

The Story that I would want the Canadians to know about me is that when I joined my senior one, I was very thin, shy and sickly. I would fear my fellow students and used to cry aimlessly because I would feel lonely. Many times as I felt very, very young in secondary but just because of your love and support I felt like I wasn’t alone and saw you as my great example of your love and now I see I have grown up and I am now confident, big, no longer sickly and I no longer cry aimlessly. To my own surprise, some students at school have entrusted me to lead them in some clubs like the Economics Club. I would like to assure you that you are great because you changed my life and now I hope to become a big leader in life.

My dreams are being an accountant and work at the World Bank. I would also like to be a political leader and change the world.

I want to be a famous and great woman of substance in life and uplift the needy and the rejected in society.

My best friend is Night Jennifer and she is so good to me and so encouraging. Most especially when she sees me go astray or discouraged and more to that she is good hearted.

I think what describes me as different from others is that my dream is to work in the World Bank and the other thing is that I don’t share my birthday with any other person at home as many do.