Nuwasasira Angellah

Angella Black

My Name is Nuwasasira Angellah. I am 15 years old. My school is Plus Two high school.

Nikibasika has done a great work in my life because it has picked me from grass to grace. I thank you for my life since I joined Nikibasika.

My favourite story about Nikibasika is a great home to me. I get clothes, school fees, food and many things.

My birthday was on 8/8/2013. I had a gift of the school because I was singing and dancing at school.

In Nikibasika I was a leader of music. I would like to become a leader in my life.

My dreams in future is becoming a bank manager and help the needy and young children.

I want to serve people in the world and show them love like Nikibasika has shown me.

My best friends are Mellon, Britah, Cate and Lisa.

I am a person who likes singing, debating and dancing.

I respect my parents and elder brothers.

I love you.

From Angellah Black.