Nyakato Robinah


Am Nyakato Robinah. Am aged 14 years old and I school from Plus Two High School.

Nikibasika has meant a lot to me because Nikibadika has made me what I am and I also thank Nikibasika because Nikibasika has removed me from grass to grace. I thank God for what Nikibasika has done for me.

My favourite story I would like you Canadians to know about me is when I was chosen to be a class monitor. My class mates did not want me to become a class monitor but in God’s love I was still made class monitor.

My dream is to become a great woman in Africa.

In life I want to become like you because I also want to help people who can’t help themselves in order for them to become like me.

My best friend is Annitah because she’s always there for me.

Anything that describes me is that I am a good girl. I respect people and am also funny. People like me because of who I am.

I love U