Siima Smith


I am Siima Smith 19 years of age and I am proud to be part of Nikibasika family. I go to Plus Two High School where I always combine my efforts with others to build up my future.

Life seemed impossible for me until found Nikibasika. And from then, I realized that Nikibasika means having fundamental concern for other individuals and working as a community to make the world better. They make it possible for those that find it impossible.

My interesting story for Canadians is all about my struggle during my studies. I get interested when I see myself becoming successful when I was expecting no success.

My dream is to become a medical worker like a doctor or pharmacist. The thing I want most in life is to be a good person for the people I will be staying with and inspire them by doing what Nikibasika has done for me.

I  normally describe myself as a social and friendly person and always want to learn one thing per day that is new to me.

All Nikibasika children are my friends and I love them so much.