Tusingwire Mellon

MellonI am Tusingwire Mellon. I am 13 years old. I will be getting 14 years in August 15th.

I am in primary six. I am going to join primary seven next year. I study from Rock Primary School.

Nikibasika is a great home to me. I really love it. I get special care, food and clothes and school fees. At Nikibasika I get to go to school and I really love it.

At school I was happy for the post that was given to me. Even at church I was made a leader of music. I really like what is given to me. I do my duties well.

I want to be a bank manager in future. I want to help the world and help the needy and other people who need help. I also want to show love to people in the world.

I want to grow up and become a great person in the world who will help and serve others.

My best friend is Biira Lilian. She is a Mulcojo and her first name is for Bakojo. She usually speaks English and Lugandan because she stayed in Kampala for so long. She is a funny girl. She is always happy and she also likes debating. She was an assent chairperson in debate at school so she was next to me. She likes music. She teaches me many games.

I am a person who likes playing and being funny. I like music, which is another thing that makes me different from others in Nikibasika. I am more brown and I am the only girl left in our class.

This is all about me.

I love you.