Twagira Fred

Fred 2I’m Twagira Fred, 21 years old from Plus Two high school and I’m in form five.

In fact, Nikibasika is my life in that without it, my life would have been incomplete. So Nikibasika is the key of success in my life through education, social work such as working to gather with my fellow Nikibasika brothers and sisters and also giving to the community.

I’m the kind of a guy who is very special, kind, co-operative with other people, honest and hard working. It is my wish to promote Canadian work and love and care in Nikibasika and outside Nikibasika.

My dream is to become a successful man in future and help other people who need help, hence reflecting Canadian work to the people in my community and outside the community.

In life I want successful life together with my family and other people in the community.

The whole people whom I live with are my friends but this goes to the special group of families that is “Canadians” who are the hope of my life.